image drowning




  1. Such a poignant poem and so relevant for those dealing with a loved one in addiction. I’m just coming up to 11 years clean but people very close to me are in active addiction. I can’t walk away but I become angry and frustrated that they don’t want to change. Now they’re in crisis so I’m keeping my recovery opinions to myself but I will never fully give up hope that one day they will find recovery. I am happier than I have ever been with all my mental health problems and addictions in recovery and I just want the people I love to be as happy as me.


    • Congrats in coming up on 10 and I finally have the life I never thought if have.. My husband knows my past and is very excepting and very supportive.. But I have a very close friend who is also my husband’s cousin who is addicted to meth and she is with a guy who is selling and using so he supplies it to her of course for free.. She has lost everything her job and now can’t keep 1 her kids her homes over and over cars and now as her family and friend we have to walk away even tho it’s the hardest thing bc I’m so worried that something bad is gonna happen.. But as recovering addict I know I can not enable either.. She hates me right now and it hurts so bad.. Sry the poem is perfect tho..


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