I took that shirt out of my closet,

The one you said you didn’t like.

And I won’t wear those pants again,

The ones you said were too tight.


My next pair of sunglasses

won’t be quite so large.

I’ll ask your opinion next time.

You’re the one in charge.


You don’t like it short,

so I’m growing out my hair.

You haven’t said you noticed,

but if I cut it, I know you’d care.


I was never one for hugs,

but I wrap my arms around you every day.

You cringe when I swear,

so I’m trying hard to watch what I say.


Will you watch this show with me?

No, we’ll watch yours tonight.

And I haven’t smoked in months.

You’re proud of me, right?


I used to love going out,

but I know it’s not your thing.

I know sometimes a queen

changes to keep her king.


Just little bits and pieces,

these things aren’t who I am.

I know you love me more now;

You are who I am.


And laying here with you,

my head on your chest.

Slowing mine to match yours,

I even adjust my breath.





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